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Welcome to the
Woomelang Bush Nursing Centre

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Our Vision

To offer a holistic health and wellbeing service that is responsive, flexible and always improving.

Mission Statment
The aim and purpose of the Woomelang & District Bush Nursing Centre is to provide a holistic service to the community, with the highest quality of heath and wellbeing services to every individual without prejudice.
The Woomelang & District Bush Nursing Centre will strive to maintain a healthy and safe environment in which community members are treated with respect. The Woomeland and District Bush Nursing Centre will also strive t provide high quality care and to be a source of health information, through the provision of skilled health providers.

Social Inclusion and Social Justice - valuing the uniqueness of every individual and responding without prejudice.
Honesty and Transparency - to be a source of truthfulness and integrity reflecting open communication.
Connectedness - caring about our community, partners and wider relationships.
Innovation - to be creative, inventive and responsive to our community.
Partnering - to provide a united and improved effrt through beneficial associations with other people, agencies and associations.
Excellence - to offer best practice through qualified and credentialled staff and volunteers.

16 Proctor Street, Woomelang, Vic 3485, AU | (03) 5072 6100
The Woomelang and District Bush Nursing Centre is on the lands of the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagalk Nations and wishes to acknowledge them as Traditional Owners.